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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Saint Augustine

A Little About Me

My name is Jenny Lou Faber. Hi! I am the wife of a wonderful man whom I have been with since I was 18. We have two beautiful children and two crazy dogs. At the time of writing, our children are eight and two. We currently live on the beautiful Oregon coast.

I was born in Illinois, grew up in Nevada, and spent a few years in Wisconsin. I also spent a semester in the Disney College Program in Florida.

I have been traveling since I was a baby. My parents took my sister, my cousin, and me to Disneyland when I was just 18 months old. I have been exploring the world ever since. I have been to the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, and over half the states in this country. I was at Disney's California Adventure the month it opened. I once road-tripped across three states just to go to a concert. There have been multiple occasions when I have woken up not knowing I would be going to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, or Six Flags Magic Mountain (I was living in Nevada each time these happened). I also have gone on a cruise with a week's notice.

I have traveled at least once every year of my life, whether it's a town 2 hours away from my house, or halfway across the world. I know how to do long flights, long layovers, road trips, and traveling with children. I know how to plan for a trip two years in advance and for a spontaneous we-leave-in-one-hour trip. Put my experiences to work for you.

Located in Lincoln City, Oregon

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