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Who am I and what am I going to do for you

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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Hello everyone! My name is Jenny Lou Faber. I am the owner and operator of F That Travel. I just started my journey of becoming a sought-out, extremely helpful, bringing in the Benny's travel agent and advisor (don't mind me, I'm just manifesting over here). I have always loved going on trips, especially to places I have never been before. The old places can be just as cool, though, too.

I started traveling at the ripe old age of 18 months. My parents took my little ass, my nine-year-old sister, and my 13-year-old cousin to Disneyland. My parents really thought it was a good idea to take these three children on a road trip in a minivan from Rockford, Illinois to Anaheim, California. As a parent myself now, I think they were crazy! Being on the road for 10 hours with a then seven-year-old and one-year-old is hard, let alone 3 days. That being said I still have to shamelessly plug my services. I have many tips and tricks to help in case you're road-tripping with littles, but I digress.

Of course, I don't remember that trip. But there are pics to prove it really happened. If I'm on my shit, I'll get that on here to show you all. My parents loved to travel. It seemed like every weekend my parents and aunts and uncles would pack up all of us kids and venture somewhere - near and far. We would travel as close as the 2-hour drive to Chicago. Then, we'd drive to Niagara Falls and then to who knows where else. We have photo album after photo album of pictures in various places. These are physical photo albums kids. Actual books that are full of pictures that took up a lot of space and are very heavy when moving across the country.

Anyway, I can't be sure, but I think this is where my love of travel sprouted. Even after moving away from those aunts, uncles, and cousins (love you all!), my parents and I still traveled a lot. We would go to the Philippines (where my parents and sister are from), Mexico, Canada, and many more places closer to home. After I started college, I still didn't stop traveling. My friends and I would randomly take trips to Knott's Berry Farm (fried chicken!), Disneyland, or San Francisco. Cali was popular for us Reno kids. I did a semester of the Disney College Program at Disney World, where I almost consider that time to be a 6-month long vacation. I made a little money but spent most of it on Disney memorabilia.

I would say fast-forward to getting married, but my husband and I have been traveling since we started dating (before I went to Disney). My husband and I love to get in the car and just drive. We will get in the car, make random turns, get lost in the middle of nowhere, and try to find our way home. We have driven across the country three times, and have done trips of all sizes, including to the Philippines. I have lived in many places and I have seen many, many more. I plan to tell you guys about some of the amazing trips I've done in the past, and, of course, showcase the trips I am taking now.

That brings me to why I am writing this in the first place. I absolutely love travel and I love helping people. I love making my itineraries and finding cool places to stay, and I would love to do that for others. Not everyone likes doing research to figure out their best trip. That's when you should come to me and let me do all that research for you. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like. I know some of you are concerned about money. As you will see, if you haven't already, on my homepage I talk about people being nervous to drop the equivalent of a down payment on a house on a Disney World trip. Tell me your budget and I will make the best of every penny you have. You could be the Miller High Life of travelers - champagne taste on a beer budget - and I will make it work for you. Let's have a real-life conversation and see if we can work on this together. I want every person on planet Earth to be able to cross at least one destination or experience off of their bucket list. Click the button below if you are ready to talk to me about an upcoming trip you want to take!

I haven't decided what story I will be sharing next. If you know me at all or have any questions about my travels, please feel free to reach out to me via any of my platforms. I already appreciate you! ❤️

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